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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well....after 5+ hours, I thoroughly updated my class site...especially the SCIENCE FAIR page. In the past I think I just found stuff on the net and tweaked it to my needs and just slapped it on there. This go 'round, I actually took the time to walk through the whole entire process as I would teach it to my 6th graders...really, really tweaking it to fit just right. I've even included a WHOLE [made up of course] dummy project down to the graphs and conclusion. Also included are new downloads and links that specify and clarify HOW to do certain parts. I must say I am proud of myself!

Now, crossing my fingers and hoping that my little scientists take advantage of all my hard work and complete their Science Fair projects like Science Fair projects are meant to be done....with the UTMOST FUN possible!!!! After all....Science Fair project FUN is Science Diva Certified!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Science Fair Prep....

Well....let the Science Fair lessons begin! Actually, they have been going on for quite some time. Teaching 6th graders the steps in the process is very fun, but kind of like pulling teeth. They really haven't had any experience thus far making my "play dates" even more challenging. But we are all up for it! Of course I am using the scaffold that I blogged about earlier. It really breaks the Scientific Method down for them. This past week it seems like I dreamed about qualitative & quantitative observations/data, controls, independent & dependent variables, purposeful question construction, and writing awesome hypotheses every night! I certainly hope that my teaching efforts and my students practicing efforts pay off!!! I certainly can see the little gears in their minds churning and their parents scratching their heads wondering how the heck to thelp them!!! LOL!

So, with the help of each class, we created simple guidelines for writing purposeful questions and good hypotheses. Hopefully you all can use these, too. I did tell my students when "we" were writing the quidelines that they were not for them, of course, but for their parents. They LOVED that!

I know that I have yet to post pictures of my FABULOUS new classroom which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I will attempt to remember to take pictures this week and include them in one of the next posts.

Until then, be the spark in your students' minds to have them think Science all the time! :) Oh, don't forget the two guidelines...after all, they are SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!


Sorry that I have been gone so long, but school started and I have been on my feet teaching, teaching, teaching! I have been so tired from using up all of my energy that I come home and zonk out! BUT....I absolutely LOVE what I do so it's all good! My goal is to post at least twice a week from here on out! Keep your fingers crossed!!!! :))))