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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well....after 5+ hours, I thoroughly updated my class site...especially the SCIENCE FAIR page. In the past I think I just found stuff on the net and tweaked it to my needs and just slapped it on there. This go 'round, I actually took the time to walk through the whole entire process as I would teach it to my 6th graders...really, really tweaking it to fit just right. I've even included a WHOLE [made up of course] dummy project down to the graphs and conclusion. Also included are new downloads and links that specify and clarify HOW to do certain parts. I must say I am proud of myself!

Now, crossing my fingers and hoping that my little scientists take advantage of all my hard work and complete their Science Fair projects like Science Fair projects are meant to be done....with the UTMOST FUN possible!!!! After all....Science Fair project FUN is Science Diva Certified!

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