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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well....hasn't it been a LOOOOONG  time?!?!? Seems that since my last post I have been just too darn busy. With end of the school year stuff, my "new" way of eating and exercising [I'VE LOST 50 POUNDS SO FAR!!!!], and just pure laziness taking over, I guess I've put this blog on the back burner for far too long!

The end of the school year brought about much unnecessary stress as we have all learned to deal with over the years. From state testing & our awards program [which entails A LOT of time...especially if you are like me and make a slide show of the past year for all your little darlings!] to last day of school stuff that really should be done by a secretary! These all wreaked havoc on my life....havoc you hear! But, I pulled through with a great big DIVA SMILE on my face. TGFS! Thank God for summer! :)

Well I have been brainstorming with a co-worker and now I have LOTS of exciting new things planned for next year: centers [OMG...that will be a post all its own!], Interactive notebooks, and a student teacher! So be on the look out for more posts in the coming months...I'm sure you will say "Yep, that's SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!"

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