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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thank Goodness!

We are finally back in the classroom! YAY! The new floor is white....makes the room seem, as one of my student's said, "Like a REAL Science classroom!" LOL! Kids are so funny! So now we get to, hopefully [fingers crossed here], stay put and enjoy our room!

When I was in there the other day putting everything back in place I was kinda wishing I could redecorate....LOL! As I've mentioned before I am teaching Science & Social Studies to both 4th and 5th graders. I really wished I'd have looked at the curriculum [knowing I was teaching that to begin with REALLY would have helped] to see that I needed lots of AMERICA stuff. So I am trying to find creative ways to include some Americana in with my frog, black/white chevron/polka dot/quatre foiled classroom. Also, the work load in planning for 2 grade levels is very brain-draining. I was so used to teaching one subject, creating a flip chart for the day and perfecting it as I taught it to my 5 classes. But now, it's a one shot deal....have to be good to go from the get go. It doesn't help that my planning is at the end of the day. So I just need to get creative with my time management

Also, all this in the room /out the room madness has me having to reteach classroom procedures all over again. I think this the 5th time having to do this. Organization seems to be a BIG problem with my students as well. The interactive notebooks are taking on a life of their own [I actually think they are devouring anything the kids put in them] so I am totally rethinking that as well.

I hope to post some things I'm using in class soon.

I can share this little SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED tidbit: Regardless of the setbacks or negativity I may encounter, NOTHING can snuff the fire inside of know that fire, the one that makes you get up day after day with a brand new perspective and brand new hope that today will be the BEST DAY EVER, the one that even though you feel like throwing in the towel to go work at Target or the fruit stand down the street that flame consumes those thoughts because the main reason you do what you do is to light a fire inside someone else....Yep, that's why I do it. That's why I teach.... To see the big invisible light bulbs go off on the tops of the heads of students who didn't think there was a light bulb to light! I see them....

Ok...enough of my ranting. Hopefully next time I have an awesome download for you! Until then....

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