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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Whew!!!! My super-intense summer mini grad school session is finally over so let the blogging begin!!!

Last year I really didn't do a theme in my classroom...just a compilation of science "stuff". I did find on my favorite teacher site PROTEACHER.NET a link to some science safety posters that someone made. all teachers....I borrowed the idea [which was not copy-righted] and made some of my own to go along with my Science Stuff Theme. Here are my CAUTION POSTERS [normal 8 x 11 page size] that I made...I will probably tweak them in a few weeks to go with the robot/gear theme I want to use this year. So if you can use them, have at it! If you'd like for me to post the ppt version so you can change them, just let me know!!!

Stay tuned...more posts to come!!!

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  1. I love the posters. Simple and to the point! I have been searching for fun and exciting ways to teach science safety. I would love some additional advice as well on getting the scientific method to stick. I have previously taught 5th Grade science, math, and reading. This year I will be teaching 5th Science again in addition to 6th science this year for the first time. 6th Grade seems to explore A LOT of new topics and ideas that have not been previously taught. I am your newest follower :) I am really interested in starting to blog more. Come visit me at