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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning Logs are a MUST!

One of the BEST things that I do is have my students keep a current learning log for the unit being taught. They are required to have a cover page [which I usually provide in the beginning or have them quickly copy from the board] that includes the title of the current unit, grade level expectations [objs]/standards, name, date, etc... with a copy of the RUBRIC I will use to grade the log upon completion. Throughout the lesson they put EVERYTHING we do in there. I always keep a log, too, to remind them where we are. One other thing is I list the order on MY CLASS WEBSITE. Any of the pages that I can provide digital copies of [in case they lose a sheet or want to revisit what we did] are linked on the site. Using this log really puts responsibility on the students and provides evidence to parents of what was or should have been done by their child. This also is the perfect study guide since it includes everything! :) 

Go ahead, check out my will be under construction soon! 

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