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Sunday, October 23, 2011

WOW....TIME FLIES when you are REALLY BUSY!!!!

Jeez! It seems like forever since I have blogged and I guess I need to do it a little bit more! It's just that I am sooooo busy [aren't we all?!?!] !!!! Anyway, the past couple of months have been very productive. My students and I have been observed constantly by school and district administration, other teachers, a consulting group, AND myself [I have a funny to share when I get to it!]. My school is going through what is being called "the 2nd Cycle" of consultation. This is not by all means because we are in need of assistance....our scores have consistently improved by LEAPS AND BOUNDS since 2005....YAY! Our district just decided they would get a consulting group to observe and let us know what needs to be improved. So, we have someone coming into our school about 2 times a month to formally observe various classrooms and complete walk-throughs to make sure we "walk our talk" ... which we do FABULOUSLY!

I'm also in the final stages of completing my Master's degree in Educational Leadership which finds me having a lot of reflections, power points, and paperwork to complete. Here is where the funny comes in. I had to video myself teaching to conduct formal observations of myself from a leader's point of view. After watching almost 5 class periods of very engaged students, I get to the end of my last class and what do I see????? As my back was turned [I know....NEVER TURN YOUR BACK] a student walked up behind me, did the booty-slap know motioning he was "slapping that ____" back and forth with his hand and body swaying as if music were playing, and I never noticed!!!! The other students from his table & the rest of the class for that matter didn't even respond to it!!!! Man....what happened to the eyes behind my head????? LOL....I know, it IS funny....but very inappropriate....LOL!!! Of course it was handled and I don't think he will be acting up in my class again. Also....that was not so SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED....LOL!

Also, I did take the school leader licensure test and PASSED with a better score than I could have ever imagined!!!! I was so worried because I had to hand write 7 constructed response answers that were very VERY detailed with handwriting I will describe as "chicken-scratch". LOL! Anyway....I am graduating in December....YAY!!!!

Ok....I promise my next entry will be soon....I just had to start with all of this since it was taking all my time!!!

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