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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr. Parr...YOU are the Science King!!!!

I have stumbled upon a science song master! About a month or so ago, I was looking for a song to use with the ABC Brainstorming Method at the start of my states and changes of matter unit. [I love using songs in class especially songs that lend themselves to content related lyrics!] Anyway, I went to YouTube as I usually do and found this AMAZING 6th grade Science teacher named Mr. Parr who apparently over the summer penned and recorded MULTIPLE science content songs to current song instrumentals. He even sounds like the original artists!!! I think I went on a favorites marking spree so that I don't lose the links!

Mr. Parr, if you happen to follow this blog, check out my density song to the Barbie Girl tune...I'm sure you can do WONDERS with it!!!

Go ahead everybody, check him out...after all, Mr. Parr is officially SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!


  1. I agree!! I just had another teacher show me his songs today, and I'm already planning to use 3 of them this week!

  2. I play his song regularly in my classroom!! He's amazing!!!