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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flower Pens in Cans...

Near the first day of school a friend of mine game me an ink pen that had a sunflower taped to it. I LOVED IT! Then it dawned on me after about a month of school with my students that my pencil-borrowing/sharpening procedures took up too much valuable class time. So, I went to Wally World and bought some cute fake daisies and some polka dotted duck tape that matched my room. I made enough pens so that each student could have one when they were in my class. The pens were placed in recycled and decorated vegetable cans in the middle of my tables. Well, that was three months ago last Friday and I still had all of them!!! I wound up pulling from my reward ticket jar and allowed those students who's names were drawn to pick one for themselves. They loved it and needless to say, I gained back those valuable minutes and learned that I could trust my students.

So, today I am making new Christmas themed pens and cans. These are much cuter and sure to provide great behavior/participation motivation to earn tickets in hopes of taking these home the day we let out for Christmas break. Here's a picture:

These are really easy to make: Just get a bunch of artificial flowers, cut them about an inch and a half below the flowers. Use the duck tape to tape them on the opposite end of the point. VOILA! I used the left over tape to tape the cans, the top edge also. I also added ribbons and those sticky/reflective mailbox numbers [to identify tables]. Imagine how CUTE my room will look with these!!!

Go ahead and make some....after all, they are SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!