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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning Logs are a MUST!

One of the BEST things that I do is have my students keep a current learning log for the unit being taught. They are required to have a cover page [which I usually provide in the beginning or have them quickly copy from the board] that includes the title of the current unit, grade level expectations [objs]/standards, name, date, etc... with a copy of the RUBRIC I will use to grade the log upon completion. Throughout the lesson they put EVERYTHING we do in there. I always keep a log, too, to remind them where we are. One other thing is I list the order on MY CLASS WEBSITE. Any of the pages that I can provide digital copies of [in case they lose a sheet or want to revisit what we did] are linked on the site. Using this log really puts responsibility on the students and provides evidence to parents of what was or should have been done by their child. This also is the perfect study guide since it includes everything! :) 

Go ahead, check out my will be under construction soon! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Whew!!!! My super-intense summer mini grad school session is finally over so let the blogging begin!!!

Last year I really didn't do a theme in my classroom...just a compilation of science "stuff". I did find on my favorite teacher site PROTEACHER.NET a link to some science safety posters that someone made. all teachers....I borrowed the idea [which was not copy-righted] and made some of my own to go along with my Science Stuff Theme. Here are my CAUTION POSTERS [normal 8 x 11 page size] that I made...I will probably tweak them in a few weeks to go with the robot/gear theme I want to use this year. So if you can use them, have at it! If you'd like for me to post the ppt version so you can change them, just let me know!!!

Stay tuned...more posts to come!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My First Post....

Wow! Never thought I'd actually do this! I know this is a great, HUGE endeavor but I plan to make this THE place to visit for all things Science! So, I will start by sharing some simple bin labels I made in power point that go with my GEAR/ROBOT theme for this year. Check it I said, it is simple, but they look great! Enjoy!
- The Science Diva