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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Morning Attendance

Hi y'all! I have lots of comments & emails to respond to so I'll  say hello, ...."Hello!" .... leave you with a little something, and get to it.

I teach 5 classes. However, my homeroom kiddoes are my babies so I tend to play it up with them a lot. How can I not? They are with me for almost 2 hours everyday so I like to make them feel a little more special than my other classes [even though I love them all the same :)].

Since I have a Promethean board and they love to play with, every morning I have an attendance flip chart that has something for them to drag, click, or make disappear to let me know they are here. I have used/adapted a few from and I've made a few of my own. I've been promising them a Halloween one and here it is.

You can click on it to take you to my TPT store....only $1! I did get the graphics from All my students have to do is drag the ticket into the haunted tent [with a few different sounds attached]. The little ghost at the top moves back and forth....kinda cute. All you have to do is ungroup each ticket to change the name then regroup.

I know you and your kids will love it...after all it is SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!


  1. Awesome flip chart. Thanks for sharing. I wish I found your blog before Halloween! Looks like you have some great ideas..I'll be back for sure!


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