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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello World...It's Me, The Science Diva!

Well, well, well! Yes, I know. I haven't posted or shared ANYTHING in what seems like FOREVER! I understand that. But, like the rest of you, my time this past school year has been spent going through CHANGE. Between new administration [BOY did I MISS my former principal this year!], COMPASS/SLTs [the new method of evaluating teachers in Louisiana], having a student teacher [whom I loved soooooo  much!], and, well, overall see where this is leading. NO extra time. 

Well, thank God for least the 2 months I will have to gain back my sanity, change schools AND grade levels [my choice...heck I figured if this year has been about change I may as well go all out!], become a part of the Leadership Academy for my district, go to Disney again, and catch up on the many tv series and movies I have either missed or plan to watch . will be a very BUSY 2 months! But, I do plan to update you on how my centers unfolded, how the ISN worked out, how Mr. Parr added a special rhythm to my lessons, how I had to say a heartfelt goodbye to my state-of-the-art Promethean board, and the many new things that are certain to bring that special BLING to next school year! 

Check back soon because I promise it will all be SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!

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