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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I've been busy! :)

This past week I went to school everyday at around 8am. Worked, worked, worked, & worked yet it still seems I haven't done a thing! Thanks to my student teacher [whom I ABSOLUTELY ADORE] we did get a LOT done. THANKS APRIL! :)

One of the things we accomplished is the curtain that cover my new, massive book shelf system. Here, take a look:

I think it looks very SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!!! :))) I haven't put anything else on the shelves yet...those items will be placed once the rest of the room is complete.

This week I HAVE TO get the rest of it all DONE! School starts for me on the 6th...mettings and all, then the kids on the 8th. So I will try to post many more pics in the coming days!

Check back often! Happy decorating!

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