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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My BIG Room....Phase 1: The Initial Walk-In

Ok....I am starting a series of posts showcasing my PROGRESS as far as getting my room ready is concerned....FUN STUFF!

Phase 1: The Initial Walk-In

When I walked into my GREAT BIG ROOM I was all giddy like the feelings of both Christmas morning and driving a brand new car off the lot all in one! Boy, am I a kid at heart!!! I felt like Julie Andrews on the hill in Austria twirling around singing, "The room will come alive, with pretty fabric and paper"... LOL!

Well, here is view 1 of my GREAT BIG ROOM {looking into last year's side}....

And here is view 2: {Looking into my NEW side}

Can't you see why I was all giddy and twirling and singing?!?!?! I can just picture all of my Sci Labs and students with all this room learning and growing!!!

If you recall from an earlier post {found below somewhere}, I created a floor plan of exactly how I am setting it up. I CAN NOT WAIT! I am still looking for a few more pieces to fit my plan, but this DIVA always finds what she needs! on the lookout for phase 2....The Hauling-In's sure to be SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!

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