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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcoming Students...

I know this is the time of the year when teachers, new and seasoned, begin to look for inspiration for their welcome power points. I'm going to share mine with hopes it can help someone somewhere. Even though I have an Activboard in my room, I will still use this power point... I absolutely LOVE IT! Yes, I know I can import it...maybe I will. But for now, this is it. Sometimes this Science Diva likes not having to reinvent the wheel. :)

Here it it, download it, use it if you like. The font in the yellow titles is called Forgotten World [downloaded from]. The main picture on the title slide...the one with the Thistlegirl a picture of the banner I have hanging over my is not editable. I did tweak this power point for this year somewhat...I added a newer team building activity [SAVE FRED & SF FLOW MAP] [THANK YOU SUSAN TEACHER from PROTEACHER] to the end...but I still have a few minor things to change. None-the-less it is SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED! :) Have fun!

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