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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My name is The Science Diva and I'm a Procrastination Junkie!

Wow....where has summer gone???? Right now I am sitting in my big comfy chair in my house instead of working in my classroom that so desperately needs it! Just look at this mess:

Is it a lack of motivation? No. Is it a profound sense of laziness? No, not really. Well what is it you ask? I really can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's that I'm so used to procrastinating that I have to feel rushed to get it done and feel good about it. THAT'S IT...I'm a procrastination junkie!!!! I know I have to clean is very dusty and grimy in there. The chairs are around the tables, not on top any more. BUT, the tables are piled HIGH with stuff I don't want to just shove anywhere and will probably just get rid of because I haven't used it in years! I've already gotten rid of a file cabinet and the junk in it, some carts, a chair, and even a metal cabinet that I used to store my fun stuff in.... I DON'T WANT THE CLUTTER! 

But now, here I sit blogging in my big comfy chair exactly 1 week before I have to report for duty to sit all day and listen and learn. I guess my derrier will be up with the roosters tomorrow so I can get in there and knock something off of this  LOOOOONG list of things that still need to be done:

  1. tape cords to floor/secure to wall
  2. organize books and junk on tables
  3. clean tables and shelves and board, etc...
  4. bring needed bins from old room
  5. place big bins on ledge
  6. print out rules/consequences and make posters for display
  7. make signs for cougar cards
  8. request and organize team supplies
  9. make and hang team number signs over tables
  10. finish covering tin cans with polka dot tape
  11. stick curtains to window/carts/shelf
  12. hang bulletin board and periodic table
  13. decorate 8 bulletin boards [scientifically speaking, scientist of the week, science fair]
  14. hang banner above door
  15. decorate door ???
  16. hang string/clothes pins on outside wall and blank wall in class for student work display
  17. make homework and i can signs for white board
  18. finish updating website []
  19. update welcome power point and convert to flip chart
  20. play with activ board [gotta have some fun somehow!]
  21. write lesson plans
  22. move important binders to shelf behind teacher cart
  23. run off needed materials
  24. make inside covers for yellow folders
  25. edit test folder/conduct sheets
  26. ???????

OMG....25+ THINGS TO DO!!!! I do believe that is all I can think of for now...WHEW.....all I know is that once I am done I will blog about it and post pics and things I find from my school computer that are SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!

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