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Monday, July 4, 2011

OMG! I'm Vista'd Out!

Ok... when teachers jump on a bandwagon, they roll until their tires run flat...well in my case, rolling on the rims and making sparks! I had to PRY myself off of my computer at 3am this morning. Darn Vistaprint! Free shipping here, $1 shipping there. It was crazy! Well needless to say if you haven't heard about the great deals you can get at then you are missing out! I created so many things for my classroom and family members that I really can't remember all I made! Oh, the BEST part is that I maybe paid a total of $10!!! Y'all I created and bought like $300 of stuff for only that $10...which is including shipping! Like what you ask? Well...

6 huge magnetic signs [for my homework board and other areas]
2 banners [one with rules, etc. and the other for over my door]
5 bumper stickers with my class website on them
5 personalized pens
5 personalized sticky notes
5 different sets of blank business cards [will use to write student names for use when calling on them]
1 set of business cards with my info on it for parents
5 sets of 10 blank note cards for use to identify groups, etc..
4 different rubber stamps
2 personalized mouse pads
2 sets of address labels [one with just my name and the other with name, website, email addy, and planning times to stick in test folders/agendas]
And...I'm probably leaving somethings off...but basically that's it...for now!

If you need "things" for your class, you have to check out what you can do there! After all, it is SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!


  1. I heart vista print. I need to make an order, but I'm trying to hold out until I think I can control myself... hahaha :-)

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  3. yeah, i wanna see what you got :) Daphne

  4. I love Vistaprint! You got a lot of stuff! I'm preparing my big order... :)

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