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Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Teaching" Science is Different...

I really dislike the way some administrators [NOT mine...they are AWESOME!] or higher ups expect all teachers to plan and teach the same exact way. Just as students need differentiation, so do teachers and the respective courses being taught. There is no way I'd expect a Reading teacher to teach the same way I do. Science lends itself more towards engaging hands-on activities...that to me is just expected of what I do. I remember the days [long ago of course] of sitting in Science class READING day in and day out, never DOING anything! Oh how I wished I could just DO something! That's why my kids DO, DO, DO!

A few years ago I attended LaSIP and another Science teacher training that were intensive, yet quite spectacular. They both focused on using the 5 Es of a Science Lesson that focuses, in this order, on Engage. Explore. Explain. Elaborate. Evaluate.  

Through the use of this method, accompanied with Kagan strategies, Thinking Maps, and other Literacy Strategies, my students are always engaged and doing something from the second they walk in my classroom.

Check out the link is very informative and when coupled with your curriculum and a sound classroom management plan, can change your classroom environment into one that is always captivating and engaging. [The last few slides are irrelevant since this was used in a training somewhere, good none-the-less!]
Go ahead, check it out...after all, it is SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED!


  1. Ohh, you must have been with some amazing teachers @LASIP lol.....i never could get any of the many recent administrators to let me plan that way :(

  2. You know it D....the most AMAZING teachers out of the bunch!!!!! :)