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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Science + Music = Lots of Learning Fun!

One of the things I kicked up a notch this year is the number of content-related songs used in my classroom. Youtube and Schooltube are excellent sources for science songs. I especially love the group They Might Be Giants. Their songs and videos are catchy and have really helped my students remember important concepts.

Sometimes, when I am brave, I will write a song to sing along with current popular tunes kind of like The Atoms Family Song . A few years ago, a student was in class humming and singing the Barbie Girl song. It was kind of distracting the lesson I was teaching on density so I challenged him to create a song about density to the same tune. Well in turn he challenged me too! The very next day, he came ready with his and I was ready with mine. Little did we know we would collaboratively write one of the songs that is always requested on the first day of school by new classes each year since! Here are the lyrics...THE DENSITY's kinda catchy!  And, here is a SCIENCE DIVA CERTIFIED video of one of my classes singing the song...just fast forward about 1 minute into it [my video making skills need some tweaking!].


  1. What a great idea!! Love the density song. :-)

  2. Hey, your button turned out GREAT! I love it! Lisa
    First Class With Mrs. Mac